MD Fasteners is one of the largest suppliers of abrasives in Australia. MD Fastener’s premium quality abrasives work better; they are long lasting, and cost you lesser than our competitors’. MD Fasteners quality range of abrasives deliver cost savings over cheaper products in the long term use.

Our online catalogue includes Metal Cut-Off Wheels, Masonary Cut-Off-Wheels, Diamond Cutting Blades, Fibre Discs based abrasives in various sizes and configurations.

Why abrasives from MD Fasteners?
  • Excellent abrasive products
  • Right abrasives for the tools in use
  • Recommendation based on the selected products
  • Experts’ advice for finding the perfect solution
  • Ease of use and affordable products
Talk to us about our affordable yet quality products; how we can save you a lot on your project cost? MD Fasteners - Melbourne’s leading supplier of fasteners, building supplies and associated products. Call 0400 101-755.

We can deliver the right product at the right price, at the right time